Lil Gamby is an Italian Delivery Kitchen that serves gourmet pizza, panuozzos and pasta. We offer a range of fresh sourdough Neapolitan pizza. Lil Gamby is inspired by the synergy of authentic Italian delicacies inspired by the streets of New York City. Street Culture, Hip - Hop and Graffiti are at Lil Gamby’s core.
Shop No. 2, Shangri-La Vaibhav, 14th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052
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What Our Customers Say

Every time we order pizza, we chuck the conventional and go for Li'l Gamby. The quality is so consistent, the toppings are abundant and it's always just as delicious 😋

Lil gamby came to our rescue last week when we were supposed to go out for dinner but then my brother in law came home with movie tickets instead. No time to cook and the rush for a movie made us order this quick meal in and we loved everything that we had.We ate quite a bit and our food included: Fusilli in mama Rosa sauce, Classic margherita pizza with raw onions and basil toppings, OG curly fries and Peri peri fries! The pizzas here are made out of sourdough and the pasta was amaze, but what was my most favourite was the curly

ordered a Jain Verdure Pizza, it turned out to have Mushrooms in it. Apart from this, great Burrata Pizza. Garlic bread was okay.

The Pizza bread was not cooked properly

decent pizza .. but the pepperoni was not enough

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